SEASON Information

Meet the Adebanjos has 3 Seasons 

Season 1 

Mum on Strike – Disaster strikes when Mrs Adebanjo goes on strike after the family repeatedly fail to obey her commands to tidy up. How can the family win her back? Aunty Funke is so desperate to find a husband that she tries online dating.

Leki – Mr Adebanjo thinks all his joys are answered when he manages to buy land in Nigeria but does the rest of his family feel the same way? Aunty Funke in her new job as a community support officer attempts to solve a local crime.

Anniversary – Mr Adebanjo forgets his wife’s anniversary – will he be able to make it up to her in time? Aunty Funke goes on a diet to lose weight for a big gala.

Halloween – Sade wants to go to a party on Halloween but her mother has other plans! Pastor Michael comes round and attempts to help with Mr Adebanjo’s job search.

Driving Lesson – Aunty Funke is desperate to find someone to teach her how to drive. Mr Adebanjo attempts to install some old fashion discipline into Tobi due to his misbehaving.


Season 2

Episode 1: Oh My Ankle - Funke pretends to have a broken leg in order to avoid being kicked out of the Adebanjo House. Tobi, Sade and Kevin have a competition to see who can cook the best Nigerian Dish.

Episode 2: The Café - Funke has a trial day for a job at the local café but her nemesis Bayo sets out to get her fired!

Episode 3: No Meet in the House - Bayo is diagnosed with high blood pressure so Gladys enforces a no meat policy. How will the family cope? Funke is forced to do a 10k run for charity.

Episode 4: Gladys New job   - Gladys gets an interview as a manager at Bayo's workplace. Bayo tries everything to stop her from going for it. Tobi and Kevin help Cousin Femi win over Monica.

Episode 5: Dad’s Birthday - Inspired by Obama's book, Bayo decides to take up golf for his birthday. Funke pretends to an old friend from Nigeria that she is a big hotshot and owns the café.

Episode 6: Trails on Sunday - Tobi has football trials on the same day as a family church convention. He hatches a plan to attend. 

Episode 7: Credit To Sade  - Sade runs up Bayo's phone bill and resorts to drastic measures to get the money to pay him back. Tobi and Kevin try to convince mum to buy them a new computer game.

Episode 8: Big Bang - Tony leaves Funke in charge of the café – will she be able to keep it running properly? Kevin and Tobi play a prank on their teacher and try to avoid Koboko time.

Episode 9: The washing Machine - When the washing machine breaks Dad tries to hide the fact that he has cancelled the house insurance from Gladys. Funke auditions for a West End theatre role.

Episode 10: Tobi’s Arsenal birthday - Dad promises to take Tobi to the Arsenal game for his birthday. When he realises how expensive tickets are, he goes to extraordinary lengths to find cheaper ones and get Tobi to the game!

Episode 11: The New Assistant  - Funke decides to get a new assistant to help out in the café but is shocked when the new assistant tries to take over. Cousin Femi teaches Tobi to dance to impress his crush.

Episode 12: Sade’s painting - Sade has a big art exhibition but Bayo wants her to go to a law open day. Funke tries to cater for a big food order behind Tony's back.

Episode 13: Bayo’s Union - Bayo rallies his co-workers to go on strike after being treated unfairly by his boss. Sade embarrasses herself whilst trying to impress her companion on her first date.

Episode 14: Rude Boy Friend  - Tobi brings home a rude friend who aggravates Bayo. Funke ruins her new designer shoes before a party and hatches a plan to return them and get her money back.

Episode 15: Funke’s Big Date - Funke reconnects with an old flame online and plans a big date. Things take a turn for the worse when he arrives with an unexpected guest. Tobi loses his new bike and tries to hide this from Bayo.

Episode 16: Tobi the Genius - Tobi scores a high mark on the national IQ test and believes he is a genius. Gladys and Bayo decide to enter him into a spelling competition!

Episode 17: Carole conflict - A jealous Funke sabotages Bayo over the lead singer role in the local choir.

Episode 18: Unconventional Parenting - When Tobi decides he wants to quit school and Sade gets involved with online dating, Gladys and Bayo use some unconventional parenting tips to teach them a lesson.

Episode 19: Parking ticket - After successfully winning a parking ticket case, Bayo takes this as a sign he is called to be a lawyer. Pastor Michael convinces Funke to host a singles night at the café behind Tony's back.

Episode 20: Sade’s new dress  - Sade and Gladys clash when Sade decides she doesn't want to wear traditional African clothes at her college's cultural day.

Episode 21: Funke’s First Aid - Funke fails her first aid test at the café and hatches a plan to keep her job. Bayo and Tobi came up with a creative scheme after Gladys cancels their Satellite Sports subscription.

Episode 22: Technology Ban  - Bayo sets Tobi a challenge to last 24 hours without technology. Funke sets up a local business in the café selling Nollywood DVDs !

Episode 23: House Party - With her parents away for the weekend Sade decided to throw a party in the café. Can she keep them from finding out .

Episode 24: Christmas Turkey - Bayo mistakenly buys a pig's head instead of a turkey and with little money and less than 24 hours to Christmas he goes on the hunt for the perfect bird.


Season 3

Episode 1: Bayo’s Time To Shine - Bayo is delighted when he hears his manager has been sacked and he is the only candidate. However he is shocked when he discovers when his good friend Frank has also put himself forward for the role. Meanwhile Funke has declared her love for Frank but he’s not interested-  but when Funke hears Frank has put himself up for a date at a charity auction she will do all she can to win the bid and win her man.

Episode 2: The Work Experience - Tobi is visiting Bayo’s work place to take part in work experience but Bayo is concerned he has made himself out more senior than he actually he is- he hatches a plan with his colleagues to make out he is the boss. Meanwhile Funke thinks she has finally found the man for her and he is interested..only she discovers a rather small problem.

Episode 3: Salsa Night - Gladys tells Bayo she needs more romance in her life and Bayo has a day to show an improvement- so Bayo decides to take Gladys to the salsa night that is being held at the café- and run by Pastor Michael.

Episode 4: Sade Don’t Go - Sade is off to university but surprises the family when she reveals she intends on living in student accommodation so Bayo and Gladys hatch a plan to make her reconsider the idea.

Episode 5: The Viewing - Bayo hasn’t done the amount of work he has claimed which has given him a tricky situation- a couple of potential tenants to show round a house that still has old tenants living in it- so Bayo uses his head and plans a way to save the day.

Episode 6: Tobi the Dad - When Funke overhears a girl tell Tobi she is pregnant with his baby she immediately rushes to tell the family. A panicked family think of what they can do with this terrible situation—but has it all been a misunderstanding?

Episode 7: Sade’s Party - Sade plans to celebrate her big 19th birthday in style by going to a concert but her family have different ideas & arrange a surprise party.
Meanwhile Tony finally has the new security system in the café and tells Funke the code- but when Funke and Frank get locked in the cafe together she coincidentally forgets the code to unlock the door.

Episode 8: Funke’s Lost It - Funke secretly wears Gladys jewelry on a date, but when she returns she discovers she’s lost it- and has to desperately find ways to get it back.

Episode 9: The Exchange Student - Bayo takes in a exchange student as a lodger to bring in extra cash. However the exchange student is not at all like he expects.

Episode 10: Bayo’s Union - Gladys forces Bayo to get Pastor Michael a small job at his worksplace but Pastor soon abuses his position and works his way up the ranks – soon Bayo is doing all he can to get the pastor out!

Episode 11: Overpaid - Bayo receives extra pay from work but is torn whether or not to inform them of their mistake or bag the money for himself.

Episode 12: Sade Strange Friend - Sade shocks the family when she reveals she plans to give up Uni and live on a farm with a mystery student from school.

Episode 13: Frank Down In The Dumps - Frank is feeling depressed after separating from his girlfriend, Funke seizes the opportunity to try and cheer him up but it doesn’t end up in her favour.

Episode 14: The Affair - After over hearing a conversation Gladys has on the phone Bayo starts to suspect she is having an affair with a man called Charlie and goes out to investigate and discover the truth. Meanwhile much to Funke’s dismay Frank is back with his ex but Funke plans to discover Franks ex’s real intentions.

Episode 15: The Investment - Bayo has decided to get involved with investing and after initial success jumps the gun and resigns from his job- but when things implode Bayo has to quickly try and save his job.

Episode 16: Extra Work - Bayo has decided to throw a sickie at work in order to do a security job at the café- but when his boss turns up the café he uses a clever disguise to try and get away with it.

Episode 17: The Love Wager - Mr Fix it bets Frank he can’t spend the day with Funke to which Frank agrees- but while suffering with Funke’s company at first Frank begins to change his tune. The Adebanjo family are due to be interviewed for a Nigerian chat show- the only problem is some of the interview needs to be in Yoruba and the kids don’t know a single word.

Episode 18: The Choice - Bayo has to make a life changing decision when he is offered a managerial role in another part of the country- meanwhile his brothers success back in Nigeria has opened up even more opportunities. Bayo must now make a decision that could change the Adebajos lives forever. Frank has finally seen the light and has fallen for Funke but he will have to make the ultimate gesture to win her back.

Episode 19: Thanksgiving/ 50Th Episode - The family look back on all the funny moments from their past