DVD Information

This Special Edition 2 Disc DVD Boxset contains almost 4 hours of Adebanjo fun featuring 8 episodes as well as additional bonus Episodes.

Episodes In Boxset

Mum on Strike – Disaster strikes when Mrs Adebanjo goes on strike after the family repeatedly fail to obey her commands to tidy up. How can the family win her back? Aunty Funke is so desperate to find a husband that she tries online dating.

Leki – Mr Adebanjo thinks all his joys are answered when he manages to buy land in Nigeria but does the rest of his family feel the same way? Aunty Funke in her new job as a community support officer attempts to solve a local crime.

Anniversary – Mr Adebanjo forgets his wife’s anniversary – will he be able to make it up to her in time? Aunty Funke goes on a diet to lose weight for a big gala.

Halloween – Sade wants to go to a party on Halloween but her mother has other plans! Pastor Michael comes round and attempts to help with Mr Adebanjo’s job search.

Driving Lesson – Aunty Funke is desperate to find someone to teach her how to drive. Mr Adebanjo attempts to install some old fashion discipline into Tobi due to his misbehaving.

Tobi’s Tutor – Tobi returns home with bad grades so the parents have to find him a tutor. Unfortunately they don’t know any good ones – maybe Aunty Funke can help.

Kids Run Riot – The children are left at home as the parents go on holiday. However cousin Femi comes round to take control and bring order into the household.

Meet My Boyfriend ( 1st pilot episode) – Mr Adebanjo has yet to meet Sade new boyfriend. However when he is invited to dinner will he take his chance to impress the Adebanjos?

Bonus Episode 1 – The story behind the making of Meet the Adebanjo’s

Bonus Episode 2  – Interviews with the cast and crew.

Designed and packaged in a 6 panel elegantly designed DVD Boxset this is not only a special edition boxset but a perfect gift or present for a loved one who is a fan of the Adebanjo’s.

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